Amphi Games

- Gym Challenge Evolution 



Connecting Gyms Nationwide


Simple gym innovation to get more people more active and increase your gym staff/member interactions in the process?


No longer confined between four walls, empower your gym to become a hub that reaches out to fitness clubs nationwide and invite them to compete against your club in a cardio or resistance gym challenge.



Amphi Games has the ability to set up many different group fitness challenges that can be taking place simultaneously in any part of the country. No need for specialised equipment, just choose a challenge, the duration and the club(s) you want to challenge.


Record the results on your Amphi Games dashboard and see them displayed on a leader board. View instantaneous results from other participating clubs creating healthy competition – imagine the excitement created through anticipation of seeing your challenging club’s results!


Members App - Amphi Games researched and developed the results app designed to feedback  results within a minute of gym staff adding the latest results, thus keeping the challenge at the forefront of their minds whether they be at home, work or play! 


Key features & benefits:


  • Challenges are driven to success using management statistics and gamification, introducing a fun element to take the sting out of the physical challenge with generous rewards for participation. The more serious athletes would receive medals for finishing in the top three.


  • Results are instantaneously formulated into exciting statistics on league tables and pie charts. Keep the competition in house or compare results with participating gyms nationwide, encouraging your gym team to challenge more members enabling them to occupy a larger slice of the pie chart. A useful tool for club managers to monitor the best performing staff and identify gym staff that could increase their member interactions. Regional managers can easily identify their best and least performing clubs.


  • All results have to be verified by club staff – no cheating allowed! Build rapport and relationships through meaningful member interactions, illustrate and quantify these interactions via the pie charts.


  • The Amphi Games App provides innovation with private club login for your members – keeping your members right up to date with the latest results via the leader boards and to see how they are doing.


  • Gym records provide your members with a good reason to keep training with the intention of beating their previous best results. Gym records can be stored in your Amphi Games dashboard for use when required for example every 3 months.


  • National multi club challenge: This will be set up and appear on your club dashboard every two months with promotional posters delivered to your club. In addition to this your club can choose its own bespoke fitness challenge to stay in house or option to throw down the gauntlet.



  • Amphi Games provides a real fitness challenge comparing real units of measurement such as kilograms, minutes, seconds, distance and repetitions. Apps that use metabolic conversion & measure daily activity can be confusing and are extremely limited when scaling up for club use. Real units are easily comparable & understandable to all.



Let the games begin - get a challenge started!


Email: for more information or go to  promotional posters will be provided. Go on, give your members a reason to structure their workout and climb up the leaderboard.